5th EUASSO Conference on Surgical Oncology


08 Oct 5th EUASSO Conference on Surgical Oncology

Dr. Drakopoulos attended the 5th EUASSO (European Asian Society of Surgical Oncology) Conference on Surgical Oncology, which took place on October 5th & 6th, in Thessaloniki, Greece.  Dr. Drakopoulos was a member of both the Organizing & Scientific Committees of the Congress, during which, along with his distinguished colleagues, Dr. M.G.Pramateftakis and Dr. Th. Metaxas, chaired the round table on  «Minimally Invasive Approach Indications in Surgical Oncology», while he moderated a series of lectures.

For further information, please visit:  https://www.globalevents.gr/2018/euasso/EUASSO_final_Program.pdf