Kidney Transplantation at the G.H.A. “Evangelismos”


23 Dec Kidney Transplantation at the G.H.A. “Evangelismos”

Just two days before Christmas, the relatives of an early-lost young man, took the great decision to make the greatest gift they could, by donating his organs to people that needed them.

The organ transplant process began yesterday in Thessaloniki and was completed this morning at G.H.A. “Evangelismos” by Dr. Vasileios Drakopoulos, under the continuous presence of the – specialized for the last twenty years in Kidney, Liver & Pancreas Transplant – surgeon, Dr. Vassilis Vougas, members of the 1st Surgery Clinic & Organ Transplantation Unit (Athanasios Bakalis, Christos Nikolaidis, Vasssilis Kalatzis), of the Anaesthesiology Department and the Nursing staff of the hospital.

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