Laparoscopic Colectomy procedures at “Evangelismos”


19 Apr Laparoscopic Colectomy procedures at “Evangelismos”

Laparoscopic colectomy has been established as a surgical treatment method at the G.H.A. “Evangelismos”. Dr. Vasileios Drakopoulos with Dr. Nikolaos Roukounakis’ & the 1st Surgery Clinic Members’ support performs the procedures safely & successfully at a vast majority of incidents concerning malignant colon & rectal tumors, as well as begnin tumors & diverticulosis. It is worth mentioning that recent randomized controlled trials (RCTs) have proven that laparoscopic colectomy has better short-term results than open colectomy, while it provides equally good oncology results and all the benefits of laparoscopic surgery, such as less loss of blood, less postoperative pain, faster recovery and patient’s mobilization.